REFINANCING CENTER : Foreclosure Prevention & Bankruptcy Settlement Loans

Our Foreclosure Prevention and Bankruptcy Settlement Loans will save your home, apartment building, or commercial property, and put you back on the path to credit recovery. Our mortgages will improve your credit immediately. First we need to save your property or settle your bankruptcy. Then we can start with debt arbitration and credit repair services.

This is a plan on how to beat out or settle your foreclosure or bankruptcy. We do this quickly and efficiently! Then we start working on your credit with you, and are there in the future to refinance you into an A-paper rate loan. California Private Money Loans has many years of experience in helping our clients with foreclosures and bankruptcies. Our solution works.

Our Foreclosure Prevention & Bankruptcy Settlement Loans feature:

Interest only
No minimum FICO score
No pre-pay
Close in 10 days or less
Costs to be quoted based on each situation

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