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California Private Money Loans can be used to help finance all your real estate needs. We have spent years handling private money financing for all aspects of many different types of properties. California Private Money Lenders is a business that can help you get a private money loan.  In addition to being a direct private hard money lender we do capital calls to our longtime investors and wholesalers who specialize in funding private money loans throughout Los Angeles, CA San Francisco, CA San Diego, CA and all other metro areas of California. Our expertise is in funding private money applications, we also service fix and flip, 2nd trust deeds and stated income loans.   Your California Private Hard Money Lender.

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  • Direct California Private Hard Money Loan - California Hard Money Loan Lender 

    • Fix and Flip Finance Applications
    • Applications with Limited Documentation
    • 2nd Trust Deeds
    • Build To Flip With Cashout
    • Early Payoff Options
    • Multiple Payoff Terms & Rates Available
    • We Handle All Properties, Commercial, Apartment Buildings, etc.
    • LTV of 65% and Higher in Certain Circumstances

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With a hard money loan, you can get quick cash that's derived from the overall purchase value of a property. While there are hundreds of companies that act as direct lenders, it can be hard to choose from the many different options. Some companies are only licensed to lend in certain states. In this case it may be best to use a comparison or directory of hard money lenders. With these types of services, you can narrow down your choices and settle on a company that fits your needs. Private money lenders will want to be first in line when it comes to settling a past due loan obligation. That means they need to be structured in a way that gives them priority payment if a loan defaults for whatever reason. When a prospective borrower submits an application they're going to be judged on the future amount that can be given for that loan. It often comes down to the loan to value percentage. How much can a company collect as a way to clear the final amount owed? In most cases there needs to be a grace period of someone falls behind on their hard money loan. This time varies by state. Some states will only require a month, others will allow a loan to be in default for 3 months until the hard money lender is allowed to collected on the defaulted loan.

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Most people turn to a hard money loan when they have no other lending choices. These types of financing are designed for people who may have bad credit or otherwise can't explain their income or current credit situation.There's another aspect of applicants who simply need money in quick amount of time. For them, the reality of waiting weeks and even months for funding from a tradtional bank or mortgage lender is not feasible. With most private money companies, these borrowers can get cash in hand in a period of days if everything goes smoothly with underwriting.



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